Member Benefits

 Meetings, Lectures & Courses:

Access to the annual meetings, lectures, talks and courses organized by the Academy.


Belonging to a community of people who share the same interests, enabling the exchange of experiences and information.

AFP activities:

Attendance of other activities promoted by the Academy vg, fairs, exhibitions & guided visits to public and private collections.

Notes & Queries:

Through the Academics page of our website or the Bulletin, post questions and receive answers about Phaleristics vg. Identification of medals.


Updated information and news about external events: auctions, sales and exhibitions, books and specialized magazines.

Authentic or Copy?

Through the Members Support Service receive information about copies or reproductions & re-strikes (order’s insignia or medals made with original dies or moulds, but at a later/recent date).

Bulletin – Pro Phalaris:

Receive free the Bulletin published biannual.


Access to sell and buy items at our annual auction.

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