Other Orders

In 1976, the new legislation on the Portuguese orders of merit formally abolished the Order of the Colonial Empire created in January 30th, 1932 and which had already fall into abeyance after the Revolution of the 25th April. 

The order meant to reward outstanding services to the colonies had five grades: grand cross, grand officer, commander, officer and knight. Foreigners and institutions could be awarded the order, becoming its honorary members.

The Orders of St. Elizabeth (f. 1801), and the Order of Our Lady of the Conception of Vila Viçosa (f.1818) were abolished by the Republic in 1910, and never renewed.

 The last reigning king of Portugal, Dom Manuel II was known to wear the insignia of both orders in exile, as its Grand Master.

Dom Duarte Pio, Duke of Braganza and Head of the Portuguese Royal House, having considered those orders as Dynastic Orders of His House, awards them to Portuguese and foreigners. Its use has been tolerated by the Republic, but not in public official ceremonies.