Other Decorations

This group is the more complex and diversified. It includes all those official or officially recognized medals not included in previous groups.
Generally speaking, they can also be divided, for practical reasons, as follows:
• Fire Brigades;
• Portuguese Red Cros;
• Academic and Scientific Institutions
• Portuguese Legion;
• Ministries;
• Mocidade Portuguesa (Youth Organization);
• Companies Prizes;
• School Prizes;
• Shooting Prizes;
• Autonomous Regions and County Councils;
• Public Security Forces;
• Presidential Visits;
• Others…
But, as we said before in this classification, there are some medals which also fall in other groups.
Indeed, for example, there Fire Brigade Medals which are also commemorative medals, officially recognized at national level. The same happens with the Portuguese Red Cross which has a complex system of awards with 8 classes, similar to the orders of merit.
Public Security Forces, the former Portuguese Legion and Mocidade Portuguesa, all have medals for military valour and of merit, as well as commemorative medals.
The medals of the Presidential Visits – to the former colonies and in State Visits – are also both commemorative and awarded in recognition of merits and personal dedication.