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Phaleristic Academy of Portugal

Statutes drawn and registered before a public Notary in Lisbon

(free translation from the Portuguese)

Hereby constitute an Association ruled by the following Statutes:

Article 1

(Name, seat and term)

The Association is a non-profit organization adopting the name Phaleristic Academy of Portugal (Academia Falerística de Portugal) having its seat at Rua 2, Bairro Quinta do Jacinto, nº 1, 1º – Dtº, in city of Lisbon, the borough of Alcântara, set up for an unlimited term.

Article 2


The aim of the Association is to promote phaleristic studies (Orders of Merit, Decorations and Medals), its publication, the realization of conferences and courses.

Article 3


The income of the Association will be made, namely, of:

a) The entrance fees due by the members;

b) The membership fees set by the General Assembly;

c) The revenues of its property and the profits from the Association’s activities;

d) The income from donations, other assignments and legacies duly accepted;

e) Any subsidies or subvention granted.

Article 4


1. The organs of the Association are the General Assembly, the Board of Directors and the Auditors Council.

2. The members of all Organs will hold office for 4 years.

Article 5

(General Assembly)

1. The General Assembly will consist of all associates with their annual fees duly paid and in the use of their rights as members.

2. The General Assembly powers and its rules of functioning are those established in the Civil Code, namely in article 170 and in articles 172 and 179.

3. The General Assembly will elect a Board of three members, a president and two secretaries, with the powers to conduct the meetings and write the respective minutes.

Article 6

(Board of Directors)

1. The Board of Directors will consist of five to seven members, of which the President, the Vice-President, the Secretary, the Treasurer, and up to two members.

(Altered at the General Assembly Meeting of April 22nd, 2014)

2. The Board of Directors will be responsible for the social, administrative and financial administration of the Association and for representing the Association, in Court and elsewhere.

3. Its functioning is as established by article 171 of the Civil Code.

4. The Association will be legally bound by the signature of two members of the Board of Directors.

Article 7

(Auditors Council)

1. The Auditors Council will consist of three members elected by the General Assembly.

2. The Auditors Council will be responsible for the auditing of the administrative and financial acts of the Board of Directors, the auditing of the yearly accounts and its respective reports and advise on all acts that involve augmentation of expenses and diminishing of revenues.

3. The Auditors Council will be ruled by article 171 of the Civil Code.

Article 8

(Admission and exclusion of members)

The conditions for admission and exclusion of members, its categories, rights and obligations, will be set up in a regulation to be approved by the General Assembly.

Article 9

(Dissolution of the Association. Destiny of assets)

In case of dissolution of the Association the destiny if its assets and patrimony, not affected to a specific purpose, and which have not been donated or left with a charge, will be decided by all associates.

Lisbon 3rd October 2008.