Cadernos de Falerística # 2

CapaCF_2Autor/Auteur/Author: Paulo Jorge Estrela

Título/Titre/Title: Medalha de Serviços Distintos da CVP // Red Cross Distinguished Services Medal

Editora/Éditeur/Publisher: Academia Falerística de Portugal – Lisboa – Portugal –

Colecção/Collection/Collection: Cadernos de Falerística # 2

Local & Data de Publicação/Place & date de publication/Place & date of edition : Lisboa, 2013

Encadernação/Couverture/Cover: Capa mole – 78 páginas c/ilustrações a cores/ Poche – 78 pages illustré/Paperback – 78 pages, illust.

Idiomas/Langues/Languages: Português – English

ISBN: 9789896401511

Dimensões/Format/Size: 210mm x 145mm
Impressão / Impression / Printed: PUBLIDISA – Sevilha – Espanha

Price // Prix: 13.00 € (+ Shipping)


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Analysis of the genesis of the Portuguese Red Cross Medal created on January 31st, 1893, and its evolution till 1913 under the I Republic. Discussion of the main changes made by the 1918 Regulations, which created a system of 8 classes, the medal of the Red Cross being named – Medal for Distinguished Services of the Portuguese Red Cross. Examination of the main changes introduced by the Regulations of 1925 and 1999, namely that in the medals’ order of precedence. The A. stresses that the Medal discussed, which originally was awarded for outstanding distinguished services, soon became more general in its scope and becoming rather a commemorative medal. The book also includes a detailed and rich analysis of the medals and clasps awarded accompanied by a synoptic Table with the near 1.950 awards made during the medal’s active live. A bibliography and a biography of Afonso Dornelas is included.

About the Author:

Paulo Jorge Estrela, born in Lisbon in 1968, he served 10 years in the Portuguese Army as an Artillery Officer. Studied International Relations at the Lusíada University of Lisbon and History at the Open University (Lisbon), and is a former consultant of the Portuguese Geographical Institute in Museology and ancient Cartography. A collector of phaleristics, diplomatic and ancient photography he is Founding Academician and Secretary of the Portuguese Phaleristics Academy and the Editor of its Bulletin «Pro Phalaris». He is member of several foreign phaleristic societies, among which of the Orders and Medals Research Society (U.K.), of the Orders and Medals Society of America (OMSA) and of the Société Suisse de Phaléristique (SSP). He has dedicated the last two decades to the study and research on phaleristics having published a book «Ordens e Condecorações Portuguesas 1793-1824» – National Defence Price 2008 ex aequo, and more than two dozen studies, both in Portugal and abroad, on the subject. He also organized several phaleristic exhibitions and addressed communications, namely to Military History Colloquiums. In 2007 he was awarded the OMSA Literary Medal and is a member of the Technique and Consultative Commission of the Navy Museum, in Lisbon.


Paulo Jorge Estrela, né à Lisbonne, en 1968, a servi pendant 10 ans dans l’Armée Portugaise comme Officier d’Artillerie. Étudié Relations Internationales à l’Université Lusíada de Lisbonne et Histoire à l’Univeristé Ouverte (Lisbonne) et ancien collaborateur de l’Institut Géographique Portugais comme consulteur pour la Muséologie et Cartographie ancienne. Collectionateur de phaléristique, diplomatique et photographie ancienne est membre Fondateur et Secrétaire de l’Académie Phaléristique du Portugal et Éditeur de son Bulletin «Pro Phalaris». Membre de plusieurs associations de phaléristique étrangères, notamment de l’Orders and Medals Research Society (Royaume Uni), de l’Orders and Medals Society of America (OMSA) et de la Société Suisse de Phaléristique (SSP). Ayant dédié les derniers vingt années à l’étude et à l’approfondissement des thèmes de phaléristique, a publié un livre «Ordens e Condecorações Portuguesas 1793-1824» – Prix Défense Nationale 2008 ex aequo, et plus d’une dizaine d’études, au Portugal et à l’étranger, sur cette thématique, et délivré plusieurs communications, notamment en Colloques d’Histoire Militaire. En 2007, il a reçu the OMSA Literary Medal. Membre de la Commission Technique Consultative do Musée de la Marine, à Lisbonne.