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 December 2013

SAv I _Multidisciplinaridade da liderança -12DEZ2013-WS2

Advanced Seminary – “Military and Civil Decorations – the Excellence of Recognition”, Military Academy, Lisbon, 12.XII. 2013

Organized within the “Master’s Degree in Leadership – People and Organizations”, a post-graduation degree held by the Military Academy, it took place on December 12th, 2013, at the Military Academy, in Lisbon, with three addresses, followed by debate, by three members of our Academy:

  • On the history and the present system of awards, by Humberto Nuno de Oliveira (Chairman of the Portuguese Phaleristics Academy and Professor of the Lisbon Lusíada University)
  • The Orders of Merit in the national system of honours, by José Vicente de Bragança (Vice-President of the Portuguese Phaleristics Academy and former Secretary-general of the Portuguese Orders of Merit)
  • The evolution of the Military Medal, by Paulo Jorge Estrela (Secretary of the Portuguese Phaleristics Academy, Winner of the “National Defence Prize” – 2008)

The Seminar was moderated by Professor Doctor Maria Manuela Sarmento Coelho, and was attended by the Head of the Post Graduation Studies Department – Colonel Tir. João Vieira Borges, the Cadets and civilian students of the Master’s degree as well by a few Academics.


November 2013

Book Launch «Cadernos de Falerística» #1



October 2013

Opening ceremony of the Exhibition THE MILITARY MEDAL – ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY YEARS (1863-2103), Fábrica Nacional da Cordoaria, Torreão Central, Lisbon, 2nd – November, 8th, 2103

Foto CCM

Foto CCM

To commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the creation of the Military Medal, by king D. Luís, in 1863, the Maritime Museum – who also commemorates its 150th anniversary – organized a temporary Exhibition, in collaboration with the Academia Falerística de Portugal, opened on October 1st, at 18h00.

The Exhibition held by the Maritime Museum (commissioned by our Secretary Paulo Jorge Estrela) created an opportunity to show to the public phaleristic items that belonged to the estate of near a dozen of distinguished Navy Officers, belonging to the reserves of the Maritime Museum. Based on the Military Medal, but also including other decorations, the exhibition will include a series of national and foreign decorations from the XIX and XX centuries, as well as documents and photographs.



March 2013

Visit to the Exhibition «Submarines in Portugal 100 Years (1913-21013)» – March 1st, Maritime Musuem, Lisbon


February 2013

Visit to the Army Infantry College, at the Convent of Mafra

Foto EPI

On February 23rd, a group of our members visited the Army Infantry College (EPI) at Mafra, having been welcomed at the Officers Lounge by Major Luís Bernardino, Commander of the General Military Instruction Batallion, who after greeting us in the name of the College’s Commander, at the Infantry Honour Lounge, made a briefing about the EPI and its building, at the former Mafra Convnet.


Foto HNO

The visit had as its main purpose the Army Infantry School Museum occupying several rooms and corridors next to the Eliptical Sallon, on the esat wing of the former Convent.


Foto EPI

Foto EPI


Foto HNO

The Museum has a collection of ceramic large panels with the Arms of the various Army Infantry Units, in colour, many bearing pending from the arms the Units’s decorations and medals. Some of these Armorial bearings were made by two of our members who guided us during this part of our visit – Cavalry Colonel Jorge Guerreiro Vicente and Lieutenent-Colonel José Manuel Pedroso da Silva, both former directors of the Army’s Heraldry Office.

It also exhibits arms, equipment and instruction material, several historical Flags of Portugal and pannels and statutes in wood, of the Patron of the Infantry Constable D. Nuno Álvares, recently canonised as a Saint. The College’s magazine «Azimute» dedicated a special number to the Infantry’s Patron on the its 45th anniversary – August 2009 – which was also the year of the canonization.


Foto EPI

Foto EPI

The Museum exhibits items that illustrate the history of the EPI, the Infantry and of the Army, with special emphasis on the Regimental and Units Colours of which the EPI is depositary and the decorations of General Mário Firmino Miguel (11.03.1932 – 9.02.1991), former Minister fo Defence in several governements after the ’25th April’ and former Army-Chief-of-General-Staff (1987-1991), who died tragically and prematurely in a car accident.


General Firmino Miguel in Sintra

Among his decorations are:

Grand Cross of the Miliatry Order of the Tower and Sword, Valour, Loyalty and Merit (1991); Medal for Military Valour, silver with palm; Commander of the Miliatry Order of Avis (1987); Knight of the Military Order of Avis (1970); Distinguisehd Services Medal, Silver with Palm; Medal for Military Merit, 1sr class; Medal for Exemplary Conduct, gold; three Campaign Medals; 1 Commemorative Medal for Special Services; Grand Cross of the Order of the Southen Cross (1977, Brazil); Grand Officer of the Order of Military Merit (1991, Brazil); Medal of the Pacifier (1991, Brazil); Grand Cross (1977), Cross of 2nd Class (1968) and Cross of 1st Class (1955), of the Order of Military Merit, White Distinctive (1977, Spain); Grand Officer of the Order of Merit (1991, Italy); two Honour stars of the Portuguese Red Cross and Medal for Merit of the Portuguese Red Cross.

After visiting the Museum guided by Major Luís Bernardino, we visited the EPI, namely the dining room of the friars, the kitchens, the Elptical Room, the Gardens, the Chapel, the Nun’Álvares Hall and the premises of the former Mafra Court given to the EPI and which will be converted in new spaces for the Muesum.

az194In the end of the visit at the Officers Mess, Major Bernardino thanked our visit and praised the work which is being done by our Academy in spreading the knowledge and interest for Phaleristics specially mentioning our web page. He then kindly offered the Academy a medal of the EPI and to all visitors the latest issue of the School’s magazine «Azimute».

Our President, Prof. Doutor Humberto Nuno de Oliveira, thanked in the name of the Academy and its members the generous gifts, the opportunity which was given to us to visit the School underlining the tribute that our Academy thus pays to the Army and the kindness and hospitality with which we were welcomed by Major Luís Bernardino.



Foto HNO

The Committee Board warmly thanks the Colonel Commander of the EPI and to Major Luís Bernardino the opportunity to make this visit and the warm welcome which were given and for the release of the photos.