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The Academia Falerística de Portugal (A.F.P.) (Portuguese Phaleristic Academy), a non-profit association under Portuguese law, was founded by a group of medal collectors, researchers and amateurs, in 2008, with the object of promoting the study of Phaleristic.

In April 15th, 2010, took place the constituent General Assembly attended by the founding members, which elected the Academy’s organs and approved the Internal Rules.

Enhancing the importance of Phaleristics as an auxiliary science of History and aiming at the promotion of knowledge and interest of the general public in the subject of Phaleristics the Academy has the following powers:

  • To promote and encourage the study, collecting  and research on Phalerisitcs, in its historical, social and cultural aspects;
  • To publish material concerned with Phaleristics, either alone or in collaboration with others, namely a regular Bulletin for members, ;
  • To support the publishing of research papers and studies;
  • To hold meetings at which papers on the subject of Phaleristics are read and discussed and to arrange relevant lectures, exhibitions and social events;
  • To organize courses on orders, medals and decorations;
  • To collaborate with other national and international societies or institutions having objects similar to those of the Academy.

The affairs of the Academy are managed by a Board of Directors (Committee) of seven members elected by the General Assembly for a term of four years.

The Academy’s General Assembly has two annual meetings, to approve the Committee’s annual Plan of Activities and Budget and to approve its Annual Report and Account audited by the Fiscal Council.

Individual membership has the following categories: founding, honour, effective and correspondent academics. Membership is open to all persons who expressing interest in the object of the Academy be proposed by three or one member, according to the category (correspondents need omly one sponsor member), pay the entrance fee and the annual subscription and be admitted by the Committee according to the Internal Rules. Honour and correspondent members can attend the General Assembly Meetings but have no voting rights and are not elegible for the Academy organs.

Insitutional Members are institutes, societies, associations and other bodies, public or private, acceptable to the Committee who will advance it to the General Meeting for approval.

The entrance fee and annual subscription to the Academy are fixed from time to time by the Committe and approved by the General Assembly.

The Academy focuses primarily on Portuguese Phaleristics, but the study of foreign orders, medals and decorations is also encouraged, specially, if related with Portugal, given that some of our members are keen and collect foreign awards.

Our members interests have a wide range, spreading from the ancient Military orders, the Orders of Knighthood, the Peninsular War Medals and other military medals of the XIXth century, to the Commemorative Medals, the Orders of Merit, the Military Medals and other decorations, whether created before 1910 under the Monarchy or, by the Republic and still awarded today.

And besides eminent collectors, there are those, whose prime interest is research, from the pure phaleristic point of view or historical – social and cultural, enquiring on the circumstances and reasons for the award, the biography, genealogy and iconography of the recipient.

The Academy’s WebSite with a Blog integrated (at the start in Portuguese & English, but soon also in French) pretends to be, not only, a link between our members, but to publicize our Academy and its activities among the Internet community, giving a contribution to the promotion of Phaleristics and the interest for it among a vast worldwide audience.

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4. Bulletin – Pro Phalaris – with an index of our Bulletin’s contents and abstracts (under construction)

5. EventsIV Meeting of the European Phaleristic Societies Lisbon, October 21-24, 2010

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