Boletim Informativo_11/2012 (Newsletter 11/2012, in English pp. 3-4)

General Assembly Meeting – September, 15th, 2012

The annual ordinary General Assembly Meeting is due to take place at Centro Cultural CasaPiano Auditorium, at Belém, Lisbon, next Saturday, at 15h00 p.m. with the following Agenda:

  1. Welcome of new members
  2. Approval of last Meeting Proceedings
  3. Chairman of the Board Report of Activities and Accounts for 2011
  4. Report by the President of the Fiscal Council
  5. Chairman of the Board Report on Planned Activities and Budget for 2012
  6. Election of two new members for the Board due to resignations

 Planned Activities for the II Semester of 2012:

  • Address  by Paulo Jorge Estrela on «100 Years of Portuguese Military and Phaleristic History: Campaigns, medals, clasps and other insignia», September, 15th, at 17h00 p.m.
  • Participation of a Delegation from A.F.P. at the VI European Meeting of Phaleristic Societies, in Brussels, 21-23 September 2012
  • Visit to the Exhibition «Merit and Recognition – Republic and Presidents», at the Cidadela National Palace, at Cascais, organized by the Museum of the Presidency of the Republic and guided tour to the recently restored Presidential Summer Palace, by our fellow member Pedro Vaz, October, 13th, at 10h00 a.m.
  • Guided Visit to the Palace of the Marquess of Fronteira – Houses of Fronteira and Alorna Foundation, at Benfica, Lisbon, October 23rd., at 10h00 a.m.
  • Guided Visit to the Fusilier’s Museum, at Vale de Zebro


CIRCULAR Nº 1/2012, July 9th 2012

1. As you might all know by now, our fellow member Paulo Jorge Estrela – the Board’s Secretary and Editor of Bulletin «Pro Phalaris», due to professional and family unpostponable reasons has been for the several months unavailable to perform his invaluable collaboration to the Academy’s activities. Also, since practically the end of last year, two of the Board members, including the Treasurer, have resigned for personal reasons

So, the Board has been incapable of complying, in due time, with its duties, as established in the Statutes and Internal Regulations, namely as regards the submission to the General Assembly of the Annual Report and Accounts for 2011 and the Plan of Activities and Budget for 2012, and for this an apology is due to all members.

The first document has already been approved by the Board in 28th January 2012 and duly sent to the President of the Fiscal Council for its report, according to the Internal Rules, in 31st January 2012.

2. Next week the Board will meet to discuss and approve the Plan of Activities and Budget Proposal for 2012, since several initiatives and contacts which have been taking place with several public and private institutions have now been concluded, allowing the organization of a few Visits to museums at the second semester, as well as the delivering of talks on Phaleristics at the Centro Cultural Casapiano, in Belém.

3. Bulletin «Pro Phalaris», # 5 – 1st Semester of 2012, is practically ready to be sent for printing and will be delivered at the nest General Assembly Meeting in September. Bulletin # 6, in turn, has already begun to be prepared and we hope it will be possible to deliver it till the end of the year.

4. We take the opportunity to remind our fellow members that according to article 5, nº 1, a) of the Internal Rules (I.R.), the payment of annual fees is due during the month of January, and that members can incur in the loss of their rights if they fail to pay annual fees for 12 months without an acceptable reason (article 7, nº 1, a) I.R.)

Given the fact that several of our fellow members have failed to pay their annual fees for 2011 and/or 2012, we request its payment, by check or Bank transfer order for the Academy’s account, asking also that the payment would be notified to the Board’s Secretary.

Caixa Geral de Depósitos – NIB – 0035 0027 0008 3735 3306 3

 Signed The Chairman of the Board,

Humberto Nuno de Oliveira


Circular n.º 3 (26th March 2011)

 Dear Academic,

Please find enclosed the Call for our Academy’s next General Assembly Meeting, signed by the Chairman of the General Assembly – Godinho Miranda, which will take place next 9th April, at 15h00, at the Centro Cultural Casapiano, in Belém (Rua dos Jerónimos, nº7 A Lisbon).

Together you will find the following documents included in the Agenda:

–          Approval of Minutes of last Meeting

–          The Board’s Annual Report and Accounts for 2010

–          Fiscal Council’s Report on Annual Accounts

–          Board’s proposal for Annual Activities and Budget for 2011

During the GA the Board will deliver to all members present Bulletin «Pro Phalaris» nº 2, and a copy of the more recent book on Phaleristics, written by our Vice-president José Vicente de Bragança – «King John VI and the Order of the Tower and Sword 1808-1826», in  Portuguese with an extended précis in English. The book was published by the author with the support of A.F.P., under a protocol as can be seen at the Annual Report and Accounts for 2010.

We recall that according to article 4, nº 2, of the Academy’s Internal Rules «the exercise of rights established in article 4, nº 1, (attending and voting at GA meetings) members must have their annual fees paid and enjoy fully their member rights». We thus remind those who have not paid their annual fees that they can do it by a bank transfer order to the Academy’s bank account:

Name: Academia Falerística de Portugal

NIB: 0035 0027 0008 3735 3306 3

IBAN: PT500035 0027 0008 3735 3306 3


BanK: Caixa Geral de Depósitos – Agência de Alcântara, Lisbon

We further inform that on 9th April, at 09h00 our Secretary Paulo Jorge Estrela will deliver a presentation «Seamen decorated by Portugal and the United Kingdom», at the meeting «Informal Talks» organized by the Friends of the Navy Museum Group, at the Navy Museum.

We therefore invite all members to attend this event.

Signed by the Chairman

Humberto Nuno de Oliveira