Bulletin «Pro Phalaris», # 15, 1st semester, 2017

Bulletin «Pro Phalaris» # 15, Jan. – June 2017

The lead article by Paulo Jorge Estrela is about Commemorative Decorations of great international sports events, namely the Olympic Games.

The article deals with 5 medals which were created in 1912 – 1964 by Sweden, Belgium, Germany (III Reich) and Austria and 1 badge – the Pershing Inter-Allied Games, which took place in Paris in 1919, including an updated list of Portuguese citizens awarded with those decorations. As usual it is illustrated with high resolution images of the decorations, photos of the recipients and of other documents from the Author’s Archives.

The other articles deal with the decorations on the Medal of Solidarity of Panama, written by our Correspondent Academics Giles Penman (UK).


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