Order of the Crown to AFP’s Chairman

 Chairman of AFP awarded the Order of the Crown, from Belgium


Photo Pat Van Hoorebeke

H.E. the Ambassador of Belgium – Bernard Pierre, invested Prof. Humberto Nuno de Oliveira with the insignia of Officer of the Order of the Crown, bestowed upon him by H.M. King Philip of the Belgians, by RC of September 17th, 2104.


Photo Pat Van Hoorebeke

H.E. the Ambassador in his address after referring Phaleristics as a means of promoting cultural relations among peoples, emphasized the role played by Prof. Nuno Oliveira, Chairman of the Portuguese Phaleristics Academy, in promoting in Portugal, Belgian values, traditions and symbols as well the role played by Belgium in the development of cultural relations in the European Union.


Photo Guy Deploige

The ceremony took place at the Belgian Ambassador’s Residence in Lisbon on the 21th November, having attended members of Prof. Nuno Oliveira’s Family, José Vicente de Bragança, Paulo Jorge Estrela and Tiago Veiga Flor, members of the Academy’s Board, Commander Rafael Rodrigues Pinto, vice-president of AFP’s General Assembly and several Belgian and Danish participants of the I International Colloquium The Great War in Phaleristics. Among the latter there were Colonel Tir. E.M. Eric Tripnaux-Monin and Mme. Marie Monin, Guy Deploige, Com. Pat Van Hoorebeke and Mme. Van Hoorebeke, Lieutenant Jens Van Herck and Mme. Kathy Packet, Frank Janssens and Mme. Ria Van den Heurck, Dr. Sven Philip Jørgensen and Jan René Westh.

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Photo Pat Van Hoorebeke

Prof. Nuno Oliveira after expressing his recognition delivered a copy of the International Colloquium Proceedings to H.E. the Ambassador

The Order of the Crown was founded in 1897 by King Leopold II as the sovereign of Congo Independent State having been integrated in the Belgian honours system in 1908, with precedence after the Order of Leopold.



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